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We're creating the best in decentralized Casino gambling by making games that anyone can play anonymously without the need for KYC.

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The Bluff Casino will be a hub for gambling and social activity. Starting out with Poker, available for download for iOS and Android and then rolling out an all encompassing SportsBook where players will be able to bet on UFC, NHL, NFL, NBA, WNBA, College Ball, Soccer and even eSports.


Visitors to the site will be able to buy crypto directly through the site via credit card with a no KYC onramp powered by our partners at RBX. This onramp will have at least 18 chains players can choose from and will be able to bet with up to 50 different cryptocurrencies on Bluff.Casino allowing them to use stable coins or liquidate smaller holdings in AltCoins to gamble with.


The next stage in development will be introducing our immersive MetaVerse platform with a variety of games to play as well as allowing investors to purchase NFTs to own stakes in games they choose, reaping a portion of the profits which will be deposited directly to their wallets.

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Fun Facts


Remain anonymous and  while playing on the Bluff Casino platform. We are building a decentralized model that will not geo-restrict anyone from the Bluff user base.

Fiat on-ramp

As we are to remain a crypto only betting platform, Bluff has partnered with RBX to offer an on-ramp using your fiat currency. 

We will also have a built in cross chain swap platform as well.


Bluff has robust community and growing daily. Please join our Telegram and Discord for the most up to date information regarding the project.

The Bluff Executive Branch

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Bluff Logo Gold.png
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Bluff's Strategic Collaborations & Partnerships:

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