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Welcome to the new Bluff token swap powered by RBX.
This is an EXTREMELY powerful swap giving you access to 19 different Blockchains as well as enabling the option for cross chain swaps on every crypto token in your wallet, Even dust fragments of a token!!!
Most swaps like Uniswap, Shibaswap, Pancake swap will only allow you to swap on 1 chain. For Example, The Bluff Swap gives you the ability to swap a token from the ERC20 Ethereum chain to a token on the BSC Binance Smart Chain eliminating the need for transfer your assets to a centralized exchange. We are consistently updating the quality of the code to ensure a secure and seamless swap experience, along with adding new features like, Limit Orders, OTC trades, even providing Liquidity to receive an APR% return on your tokens.

To Get started, It's very Simple. Just connect your wallet. We recommend using
Next, Select which blockchain you are swapping on.
Below that, Select which tokens you will be swapping and the amount.
If the token you are trying to swap does not appear in the default RBX list, we recommend searching for the token on
CoinMarketCap, then copy n paste the contract ID into the search box. 

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